Willowbank School

Term One 2012

  • review current policy and update to include Digital Citizenship as an integrated part of the curriculum

  • Digital Citizenship and Cyber Safety practice will be an integral part of planning teaching and learning

  • Locate and share via the wiki resources to support the integration of Digital Citizenship

  • e-Learning Policy statements for 2012

    • to provide students with authentic opportunities to explore and understand digital citizenship and cyber safety

    • digital citizenship, which includes cyber safety, is planned for and taught within the context of e-Learning and ICT

    • staff and students will explore digital citizenship withing the key competencies



One class has created a survey.

The results were interesting as a lot of the children wrote about the rules and not about the privileges for using the internet. Teacher was amazed at how much they had listened about digital footprints.

This class ensures that all know about 'Posting Netiquette'


One Year 6 class has made their whole inquiry around Citizenship which then diversed into DIgital Citizenship. The aim was to put the idea of cyber citizenship into Junior 'speak' by creating presentations that the Juniors could understand, and learn how to be good digital citizens. On main learning point that has come out of this study is that the students have come to a realisation that the Cyber world is a 'real world'.